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Westerly Exeter

Westerly Exeter new showroom
Matford Park Road
Marsh Barton
Tel:01392 690270

We have now moved back to our site on Matford Park Road after undergoing a refurbishment to incorporate the New BMW i3. Westerly Exeter BMW part of the Westerly Group covering Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset. At Westerly Exeter you will find a comprehensive range of new BMWs and approved used BMWs, we can offer the highest levels of servicing and expertise.
Head-on image of new BMW 3 Series Saloon.
The BMW 3 Series Saloon has raised the bar. Visit us today to see just how high.
Selected BMWs with Deposit Contributions and/or low rate finance
BMW 1 Series
Examples of the latest rentals for a BMW on Motability from £599
Close-up picture showing dashboard controls.
Look forward to care free driving. BMW Service Inclusive has an option for everyone.

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